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So what is letsgodiscin.com? This is no normal disc golf site. This site is dedicated to disc golf in every aspect. My name is Nick Blomquist I am an avid disc golfer myself and I have worked very hard to get this site started. Letsgodiscin.com is my baby, right now it is an infant. It will take time to become a full grown adult. I will have current up to date disc golf associated news along with current tournaments in your area. One of the main aspects of this site is the interactive maps. You will be able to find the state where you are interested in playing some disc golf, and information about the course. The map is a full birds-eye view of the course, which shows you all the holes and where they are located. and all you have to do is click on its pin location to see a walk through of that hole so you know exactly where it is located, and that is located under courses/maps in the main navigation of this website. My store will be set up soon where I will have custom dyed discs, hand built baskets (the cheapest and most reliable baskets that money can buy), clothing, and much more… So keep this site in mind if you are a disc golfer so you can keep in touch with one of the biggest up-coming sports there is. If you have any questions, a video or picture you want to post, any ideas or just want to talk, then leave a comment on this page. Or you can simply contact me directly by going to contact in the main navigation on the top and bottom of this page. Thanks for visiting my site, get out there, and lets go discin!


get out there and lets go discin!

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